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Computional Audio. Adaptive EQ. Active Noise Cancellation. Transparency Mode


"There's literally no difference" - Tech Insider

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I use them for esports gaming as my main headphones and they’re amazing.

use these on iPads, from older ones to latest Pro 12.9”.Also on iPhone 13ProMax.And further, on a Samsung Galaxy Note20 UltraALL have excellent call quality; phone calls & Zoom-style calls.ALL have excellent music reproduction quality.This headset can be used while charging batteryPhysical buttons to control volume, answer & end call, & control outside sound and on/offOutside sound can be either ‘Surround Sound On’ or “Noise-Cancelling”

Complete compatibility - With Apple devices, easy pairing and easy management is seamless. These make more sense in my opinion if the majority of your daily use devices are Apple, because they are just made to work and boy, do they work well.

It’s so cute and if you want you could just use it to block the world out

OMG let me tell you!! I wanted new NC headphones, I upgraded from Sony ZX770BN, which is on the older models of Sony headphones, but it got the job done for a while. Since they were getting old, battery life and bluetooth connection was getting wack, and I was like “ight, upgrade upgradesss!” So here I am now, listening to ‘Chasing Pavements’ by Adele (AMAZING).

Okay the details!! I live with 10 other people… I can now live in peace, absolute silence, my whole serenity. I am sane now. The noice cancellation is superior, much better than my Beats solo wireless and Sony.

These are some nice headphones. I’m an audio engineer and listen to music on reference monitors and headphones all day. I got these to have something nice yet “consumer” to listen on.

These are my favorite headphones. When you account for the sound quality, noise cancellation, convenience, comfort and the quality of the build, I cant believe the price!

This morning I shoveled snow for a little over an hour while wearing the StarPods Max. Admittedly, my understanding of atmospheric physics is pretty low, but I figured my very warm head combined with freezing temperatures affecting the aluminum would likely induce some condensation

After I perused the specs and got over the sticker shock of the price tag, I thought, “What's the worst that could happen” And these are simply the best thing ever!

Overall, I’ve been impressed with all the features of the StarPods Max

If you needed a sign to buy these headphones.. here it is. They’re comfortable on the ears and the scalp. Removable pads for easy replacement and cleaning. Has a setting for both noise cancellation and transparency mode. Flattering and don’t pinch on my ears. Any over the ear headphones I can hear my steps, so not good for running but every other workout or just work is great. HIGHLY recommend

Oh my goodness, if you dislike the sound of thunderstorms, these are the noise cancelling headphones for you, I hear nothing and keep asking my husband is the storm over yet, best investment I have ever made, now I have no anxiety to deal with, for greater impact I will add a White Noise video from YouTube, turn on the (noise cancelling option from outside sources on the headphones) and I am good to go, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've had them long enough to break in the drivers to some degree. Yes like most dynamic headphones these need to be broken in for 20 to 50 hours before they can be judged for sound quality.

Love the sound, great comfort on top of head (but a little tight on the side of the head around the ears), awesome for movies (spatial audio is awesome) and music. Excellent ANC. Connection from phone to iPad and back is perfect.

Of course, these are the best! And for under $50? I took the Apple Store ones back asap. Didn’t realize how heavy they are compared to my old Bose for yet more weight in my carry on. But worth it.

If all you do is listen to music over Bluetooth and want the best noise canceling headphones without breaking the bank, you just found it!

I’ve been in the apple system for a while now, and these fit in seamlessly and are WORTH EVERY PENNY. I have a pretty large head and these fit so perfectly, I barely even remember I have them on half the time. The transparency mode is amazing and it also makes you forget that you have them on until you feel them.

Best headphone of 2022! Impeccable sound but for the price I feel like noise cancellation can be better and i ain’t gonna cap it’s still better than the Sony XM5s

1. Holy mother goose, the sound quality is like nothing i have ever heard, it’s Fantastic, Surround sound with everything it connects to
2. The build quality is far superior to every headset i have ever used. I have had BOSE, JaBra, Sony, and this headset blows them away. IT is all metal save the ear cups and head band thingy. The headset is made out of a single carved out air craft aluminum .
3. COMFORTABLE , i wore these for 7 hours straight and never had any issues of being too tight, and despite what other reviewers have said, they dont feel heavy on my head at all. Nor does it heat up around your ears.

These have quickly become my new favorites. Noise cancellation is superb.

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